A Friend on the City Council

Does Portsmouth listen to you?  It will when I am on the City Council!  Your concerns, your questions, your suggestions – I have an open ear.

Is anyone looking after your back pocket?  I will!  I am a fiscal conservative who knows that organizations need to be given good guidelines for taxing and spending so that you get the best services, without taking more from you than is absolutely necessary.  Let’s keep property taxes low (which helps renters, too!).  This means all departments must look again at how budgets can be squeezed.

Are your children getting the best education possible?  It may be time to look at how we run our schools, and what it takes to increase the level of educational excellence.  I support WAVE (We All Value Education) and the work that Scott McKee and John Shea are doing to raise awareness, and I approve more choices in education – choices that parents need to give their children the best educational opportunity.

You are my friend and neighbor and I am running for City Council so that you have a voice.


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